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[TRANS] 130902 C-JeS Official Site Update: Activities of Honorary Ambassadors for Incheon Asian Games 2014

[TRANS] 130902 C-JeS Official Site Update: Activities of Honorary Ambassadors for Incheon Asian Games 2014.

[TRANS] 130726 Even Though JYJ Won, Korean Entertainment Agencies Won’t Change… Why?


Heon Shik’s Culture Twist> The notions of gratitude, loyalty, and repayment between stars and agencies must disappear first


In the first model of Korean entertainment agencies, one person had full authority as the CEO of the company. In fact, there was no division between managers and CEOs. This model still makes up the majority of entertainment agencies in Korea. But large-scale agencies have begun to move away from this point.

Agencies such as Sidus and SM prefer a method of division and specialization rather than such a vertical relationship. But this doesn’t mean that the decision process is perfectly horizontal and equally divided. Unlike the US, Korea’s entertainment agencies have a strong sense of possession rather than acting as an agent.

Ten years ago, when singers stood on stage at various awards ceremonies, the media was flooded with images of them crying and thanking their agencies’ CEOs. But these crying…

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Letter of (Almost) Resignation: Final Confessions, Part I

The JYJ Files

Editor’s Note: When I first approached Jimmie to join TheJYJFiles at the end of 2010, she was already preparing to embark on an exciting career relocation and had warned me that her availability for partaking in this project would be limited. Fortuitously, she was with us for over three months and within that time, we accomplished many goals thanks to her leadership and tenacity. As her work commitments will render Jimmie to become less active in fandom, she has written a letter of (almost) parting, detailing her thoughts and confessions about how she joined this fandom, why she became an active member, and what compelled her to take up the role that she did in fandom over the past months. Readers, please don’t feel sad for this isn’t a definite goodbye; Jimmie will always be part of JYJ fandom and continue to help out. I’m sure I speak for…

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The cruel history of JYJ – Looking Back the year since JYJ’s debut (1)



– 130509 JYJ 유천 YuChun 백상예술대상 레드카펫 PaekSang Art Awards [JJYCJSYJJ]
– 130509 JYJ 유천 YuChun 백상예술대상 인기상 PaekSang Popularity Award [JJYCJSYJJ]
– [ENGSUB] 130509 Paeksang Arts Award – Yoochun wins Male Popularity Award (TV) [t4rw3n]
+ 0509_YuChun_2013 PaekSang_Popularity Award [ts] [shared by @JJYCJSYT]  293MB
+ 0509_YuChun_2013 PaekSang_redcarpet [ts] [shared by @JJYCJSYT] 80.9MB

– 130510 JYJ 유천 YuChun JTBC 연예특종 2013 백상예술대상 PaekSang Arts Awards [JJYCJSYJJ]
– [ENGSUB] 130510 jTBC Enter-scoop- Yoochun at 49th Paeksang Arts Awards [t4rw3n]
– [Eng sub] Yuchun Baeksang talked about fans and styling 유천 ユチョン [naicha kun]   [J2 – Chinese news]
– [TheSTAR] ‘백상’ JYJ 박유천, 레드카펫에서도 단연코 최고 인기남
– 130511 JYJ 유천 YuChun 2013 백상예술대상 K/B/S O/B/S [JJYCJS YJJ]
– 130512 JYJ 유천 YuChun M/B/C 2013 백상예술대상 PaekSang [JJYCJS YJJ]
– Fashion styles on the red carpet of the 2013 Baeksang Arts Awards  2013 백상예술대상 [arirangworld]
[ Yuchun voted as Best Male Dresser .. to me, his shoes are also the best ^^]
– [영상] 백상예술대상 박유천이 등장하자 – 수 많은 팬들의 환호성이~ – (레드카펫) [mediaconan]
– ‘백상’ 박유천의 ‘폭발적 인기’와 수지의 ‘조금은 과한 눈화장’ [sportsseoultv]
– 韓第49屆百想藝術大獎紅毯儀式:樸有天vs宋仲基皮衣亮相帥氣足 [Koreastardaily01]
– 49th Baeksang Arts Awards, 제49회 백상예술대상 _Show case [KBSWorldRadioKpop] Yuchun part: 03.12 – 03:39

– 6002theCutie
130509 박유천 백상예술대상 레드카펫 http://youtu.be/I0OSsyaey-0
130509 박유천 백상예술대상 시상식에서 http://youtu.be/ez8JlQvtk7U
130509 백상예술대상 박유천 3년 연속 인기상 수상 http://youtu.be/_atCbAni7xo
– AntoineJYJ
130509 박유천, 49회백상예술대상 레드카펫 http://youtu.be/X0T1-cq5b7k
130509 49회 백상예술대상 박유천, 바라만 봐도 행복해 + 인기상 호명 순간 http://youtu.be/YMnHdQ5-ueA
130509 박유천, 49회 백상예술대상 인기상 수상+무대 퇴장 http://youtu.be/k_Zlelk3FGA
– ChiRi XIA
130509 백상예술대상 레드카펫 _ 박유천 http://youtu.be/uG4xnwuUE5M
130509 백상예술대상 인기상 수상 _ 박유천 http://youtu.be/vAM_Y_skKx0
– mickyfanzil
20130509 제49회 백상예술대상 박유천 인기상 수상_full ver. http://youtu.be/kSMwwWV9sMA
20130509 제49회 백상예술대상 박유천 레드카펫 http://youtu.be/CAReSdgrjeY
20130509 제49회 백상예술대상 박유천 인기상 수상 – 어디에 서라는 거져? http://youtu.be/BY4df4jkAXY
20130509 제49회 백상예술대상 박유천 인기상 수상 – 네? 저요? 저 말인가요? 저부터 받나요? http://youtu.be/FipIGhigKlQ
20130509 제49회 백상예술대상 박유천 인기상 런웨이 http://youtu.be/8ZeqAo4vzao
– 703suga
130509 PaekSang Arts Awards http://youtu.be/oLe25AjR2p0
– 유천의나날 박
2013.05.09 백상예술대상 유천1 Yuchun http://youtu.be/fHHxD-_W7Fk
2013.05.09 백상예술대상 유천2 Yuchun http://youtu.be/AxyfpVUivSE
– EyeYou
130509 백상예술대상 레드카펫 박유천 직캠 by EyeYou http://youtu.be/R_SXYdINuCM
– ojs73
2013 5 9 백상예술대상 레카&인기상 박유천 (yuchun) http://youtu.be/DrmFEdvWIwU
– Wooym77
130509 백상 예술 대상 박유천( 니가 좀 짱인 듯) http://youtu.be/dnuGhvXMhfY

fidem semper serva

This is my journey for the JYJ Unforgettable Live In Japan 2011.

Just a heads up about this post. It is going to be very, very long like as in epically loooonnnnng!!. It will include a lot of my thoughts and feelings as well as the events that happened. Feel free to skip around the post. Also please forgive my weird grammar mistakes and ramblings. I am still recovering from the excitement and the terrible cold that I still have now.

So shall I begin?

When I heard that JYJ was going to have a concert in Japan I was ecstatic! I hunted around the net to find out how can I get tickets and from where. Some very kind fans posted the link to ZAK corporation about the concert information. From there that is when my stress started…TT.TT

Even though I am living in Japan my Japanese is still limited…

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